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About Us

My Story:

Sasank, Founder


In 2019, I dropped out of the software industry with a dream of shaking up the ecommerce space.


Tired of big e-commerce brands selling low quality products at unreasonable prices, I set out to create an ecommerce store which will let everyone buy the hottest products at the cheapest prices. An impressive review of my items collection and prices from an investor got me off the ground.


My aim now is to promote my online store through social media and increase the presence of my brand and vision globally along with my company.


Today a small team of creatives and go-getters are working with me, to source the best quality products at the most affordable prices on this online store.


Hope what started as a small ecommerce store will be a movement one day.


What I Do:


I, Sasank (owner of ALPHA.AI INC, SoWierd shopify store) started this shopify store to bring out the best deals for the hottest selling products today. Today we have a lot of online shopify stores who increase their prices way more than what you can call a decent price on these hot selling products.


That's one of the main reasons I started this store, to make these constantly changing in-demand products to be as affordable as possible.


Along the way, I have found out so many ways to obtain high-quality products which are highly in-demand at affordable prices.


I want this store to be the best place for people who want the best quality products which are highly in-demand at affordable prices.