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Mini Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard


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Better your laptop-using experience with this mini foldable bluetooth keyboard. It is lightweight and powerful. Made of matte material which creates a wonderful sense of touch. It is made of a high-quality aircraft grade aluminium material. It has been designed to withstand force to a large extent and still works perfectly even after falling on the ground several times. Touch screen writing is terribly slow compared to using a old-school keyboard. This could be a lifesaver if your regular laptop has any problems with tying.


  •  Lightweight and Powerful

  •  Compatible with Most Modern Devices

  •  Can be used with a variety of Bluetooth® -enabled devices

  •  Windows, Android and iOS compatible

  •   Small and Compact - Great for Vacations and Travel

  •   Has a Jelly Comb Folding structure

  •   Has a Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
  •   Gives 48 hrs of writing time with only one charge

  •    Standby time is up to 560 hours

  •    Increases productivity 

  •   Permits users to instantly flip their tablet or phone into a tiny laptop computer for fast, comfortable typing


  •    Keyboard lifespan: 3 million keystrokes a year

  •    Bluetooth version: 3.0

  •    Interface and connector type: Bluetooth

  •    Power type: lithium-ion battery

  •    Lithium-ion battery capacity: 140 milli Amp Hours

  •    Working voltage: 3.7 Volt

  •    Standby current: 0.25 milliAmps

  •    When using the keys, the working current is: less than 3  milliAmps

  •    When using the touchpad the working current is: less than 8.63  milliAmps

  •    Working distance: less than 15 meters

  •    Button material: ABS

  •    Keyboard layout: 64 keys









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